Passion or Profit

Passion or Profit?

Why do you even want to write a book? It’s going to be a challenge. You will have to find the time and maintain the discipline to get the words on the page.

You may have to open your work up to critical opinions that care nothing for your hard labour.

Some people won’t like what you wrote because it is not to their taste. Some people will hate it.

Some might love it.

So why write in the first place? Most writers do it for one of two reasons. Passion for their work, or the profit they hope to gain.

Neither motive is wrong.

Writing for passion is what some might consider the ‘noble’ reason to write. It might be art for art’s sake, it might be a drive to produce something you think the world needs to read. It might simply be because you want to see a story you made up in print. Passion for your project is essential, it’s the only thing that will bring it to fruition after all. Passion is the love of the art.

Writing for profit is very different. Here the writer becomes a literary entrepreneur, someone who uses their words to create products they can sell. They might be someone who examines the market for fiction, sees what is popular, and then directs all their efforts to getting a book published in that genre.  Or they might have a skill or knowledge which can serve a niche market and so they are capitalising on this opportunity.

Of course these two options are completely binary but while many writers will lean toward one side or the other there is no wrong answer here. Some will write only because they love to write. Others will write only because they see a business opportunity.

The lucky ones will be able to profit from their art.

It doesn’t matter to us which path you choose. You might even be somewhere in the middle. As long as we can all help each other along the journey what does it matter?

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