Introduction to the authors journey

The Authors Journey is the concept at the heart of this site. Everyone who wants to write and publish a book knows something, but some of you will know more than others, and so you will be on a different place in your journey. You might be at the very beginning, with nothing more than an idea. You might have published a book and just need some advice on how to market it.

You could be anywhere in between.

As with any endeavour, the more you look at what’s involved, the more complicated it can appear to become. Writing a book is no exception.

For example, let’s skip ahead a little and think about marketing for a moment. How are you going to do that? Will you use Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Amazon Ads? Maybe you’re just going to set up a website and rely on good old Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get you the traffic you need.

Ok, so now you have a website. Where did your website come from? Was it from Squarespace? Blogger? WordPress?

Is your WordPress site hosted by WordPress or have you gone the self-hosted route and installed the software on your own server?

Self-hosted? No problem! Who’s your host? What’s the domain name? Do you need any plugins for the site? Will they be free or paid plugins? What about the site theme? Is one of the free themes ok? What about integrating it with your Twitter and Facebook page. Wait – you DO have a Facebook page, right?

And so on.

It can seem like there are a million choices behind every decision. Some will be simple, some complex, some free and some will cost money.

There’s no point spending more than you need, and often you can do things on the cheap. But othertimes spending a little money can be a very worthwhile investment.

How we want to help

This guide and this group is here to help you to:

  1. Navigate your way through the journey
  2. Learn from the experience of others who have gone before
  3. Not spend more than you need

Number 3 Is important. There are plenty of ways to waste your money when you are trying to publish a book. Some resources are simply scams. Some are just not effective, and some are absolutely worth your time and money.

How to use this site

You can use this site in two ways: We have a Resources menu which will link to everything we have found helpful in our own journeys, and then there is the author’s journey itself. Here you can start at the beginning and work your way through to the end, or you can simply jump in to whichever section you need help with.

Let’s get to it 🙂