Business for Authors

Business for Authors

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Joanna Penn

Business for Authors (How to be an author entrepreneur) is the third of Joanna Penn's 'Books for Writers' series.

While there are plenty of books for writers about writing and the creative process (including others by Joanna Penn) this book focusses on how an author can also run a successful business.

Business for Authors contains practical advice on how to monetise your writing, define what 'success' means for you, and how to manage your team (editors, covers designers, assistants etc). Joanna also explains how one creative work (your book) can be repackaged into a variety of products, such as a paperback, ebook, audiobook, compilation etc.

As with all of Joanna Penn's books, Business for Authors is based on her real-world experience, so this is tried and tested advice from someone who has learned by doing and is making it work.